Numbers are not always transparent. Sometimes, they tell us a different story apart from the background they’re delivering. OMNIA 3 addresses all the answers to your customers’ pains, when thriving in their daily management complexity. Whether you need to develop a business application from ground zero, or deliver it in a fast manner, OMNIA gives you the right tool for minimizing the time between the analysis of your customers’ requirements, and the delivery of the solution to their challenges.

Low-Code Business Application Development Platform

Developed with one simple purpose: taking your Business Data further to perfection!

OMNIA Platform is designed for Agile Development and operation of Management Information Systems, guaranteeing seamless integration with any on-premises systems at usage by your IT infrastructures. If you and your team don’t speak “Developer-oriented” language, don’t worry, we’re here to blend simplicity and accuracy. And that’s what innovation nowadays is all about!

Multi-Tenant Channel

No matter how many business applications you need to create or manage, OMNIA offers you infinite development and integration interfaces, where you can turn your data into something closer to perfection – by the way, that’s our motto!

Real-time Deployment

OMNIA offers both development and deployment following-up on a real-time basis, while deploying all your input and output to any cloud-based system provider. Your information will never put at stake!

GDPR Compliant

Developed in compliance with GDPR Regulation, OMNIA is here to help your organization protecting and respecting the digital privacy of your customers. There’s one thing we know for sure: their rights will always prevail!

We do it Low-Code style

We build and deliver fast, and so do you, too! Based on Low-Code principles, OMNIA Platform provides you every single tool to enable your application to stand out and deliver the goals you were looking for so long.

Responsive by default

Anywhere, everywhere, just access and manage​ your business data with OMNIA on your favourite devices!