An introduction of the OMNIA Low-Code Development Platform.

As a productivity tool, the OMNIA Platform was built to fulfill the software needs of all types of businesses. At the core of our development platform lie principles of an economic modeling system called REA (Resources, Events, Agents), that serves as the foundation for all concepts and features you’ll find during your development experience.

The REA framework is directed at accounting systems, with a focus on the recording of the several economic, mostly recurring, events that happen within an organization. It assumes that there are a limited number of concepts within all accounting software and that it is possible to easily design adaptable applications without jeopardising business logic.

The concepts of this framework are:

  • Economic Resources;
  • Economic Agents;
  • Economic Events;
  • Economic Commitments;
  • Documents;
  • Generic Entities.

With these concepts REA found, there is an enourmous percentage of day-to-day businesses activities that can be easily described and, with OMNIA, made into a beautiful and simple web application.

Now for a more detailed information about each concept:

  • Economic Resources: System entities that represent goods with comercial value and definable quantities. These goods are controlled by Economic Agents and are exchanged in financial transactions between two different Agents. Examples of Economic resources include Products, Money and Services;

  • Economic Agents: System entities that represent individuals, or groups of individuals (i.e. a Company). These entities control Economic Resources and exchange them via financial transactions. Examples of Economic Agents include Clients, Companies or Employees;

  • Economic Commitments: It represents a commitment between two Economic Agents to exchange Economic Resources. The concept of a Commitment is needed for one key reason: most transactions are registered in advance but need to happen in the future, not at the time of their registration;

  • Economic Events: Represents the actual transaction of Economic Resources between two Economic Agents, one as the receiver and one as the provider. This way, this transaction represents an increment for the receiver agent and a decrement for the provider agent;

  • Documents: Being a set of Economic Commitments and rules, a document represents everything that can happen during the transaction of Economic Resources. (Business) Rules specify what can happen in case certain conditions aren’t met during a transaction, allowing for the generation of additional commitments. Example: in the context of a Sale, a document is composed of a set of commitments that represent the exchange of goods for money and that may contain (business) rules that will only apply when/if a payment deadline is missed. This may translate into a new commitment that will represent a debt to the company, automatically.

In addition to this thought framework, OMNIA also provides the broader terminology of traditional Entity-Relationship models, which we’ve named Generic Entities. You can build entire applications using these, although we would recommend prioritizing the usage of the REA elements when they fit your needs as they should, and are built to, accelerate your developments.

Low-Code Business Application Development Platform

Developed with one simple purpose: taking your Business Data further to perfection!

OMNIA Platform is designed for Agile Development and operation of Management Information Systems, guaranteeing seamless integration with any on-premises systems at usage by your IT infrastructures. If you and your team don’t speak “Developer-oriented” language, don’t worry, we’re here to blend simplicity and accuracy. And that’s what innovation nowadays is all about!

Multi-Tenant Channel

No matter how many business applications you need to create or manage, OMNIA offers you infinite development and integration interfaces, where you can turn your data into something closer to perfection – by the way, that’s our motto!

Real-time Deployment

OMNIA offers both development and deployment following-up on a real-time basis, while deploying all your input and output to any cloud-based system provider. Your information will never put at stake!

GDPR Compliant

Developed in compliance with GDPR Regulation, OMNIA is here to help your organization protecting and respecting the digital privacy of your customers. There’s one thing we know for sure: their rights will always prevail!

We do it Low-Code style

We build and deliver fast, and so do you, too! Based on Low-Code principles, OMNIA Platform provides you every single tool to enable your application to stand out and deliver the goals you were looking for so long.

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Anywhere, everywhere, just access and manage​ your business data with OMNIA on your favourite devices!