How to setup a local Omnia Development Environment

1. Requirements

2. Install

  • Download development environment package here;
  • In case of Security Policy errors, open the zip file properties (right click on it and then select “Properties”). In the “General” tab, check the “Security” option and tic the “Unblock” box. Click “OK”;
  • Unzip to a folder;
  • Open a PowerShell window on that folder;
  • Execute file start.ps1. Omnia Docker images will be downloaded and its containers created.

You might get an Execution Policy error during the first installing. Run the following command to allow scripts execution:

       Set-ExecutionPolicy -Scope Process -ExecutionPolicy Bypass

After the development environment setup ends, a new browser tab with local Omnia installation (endpoint below) is opened. Configure the administrator username and password.

3. Environment URLs and Credentials

Omnia Endpoint http://host.docker.internal:5000
Omnia Username/Password Defined on setup after install
pgAdmin (database client) http://host.docker.internal:16543
Database Username
Database Password omniaomnia
Webmail http://host.docker.internal:16561

Note: For development environment version 3.5.119 and below, the database username and password were, respectively, “omnia@omnia” and “omnia”