All the information on how to make your web apps available in any language you wish.

1. Introduction

The model’s language management allow to change which languages are available in the model to the application’s end-users.

It’s only possible to add a language to the model if the language exists in the platform. In the Management area it’s possible to add new languages to the plaform (click here to see how to do it).

2. Language Management

A language is defined by:

  • Name: A reference to the Platform’s language;
  • Description: The description of the language (e.g.: to American English can be English (US)). If not written, the Platform’s language’s description will be used;
  • Texts: A collection in which entry is composed by a name and a value, representing the identifier of the text and the translation in the language.

By accessing Languages in the sidebar, you will have access to the languages management screen.

Here you can Add new languages, identifying their Name and Description.

After you create a new language (see how), you will be able to change the language’s texts.