Development Environment

1. Introduction

OMNIA Development Environment runs in containers using Docker, allowing the user to manage its instances using the docker-compose PowerShell commands and access to OMNIA Platform logs in Docker Desktop.

You can also choose what version of the Development Environment to install here.

2. Stop/Start Development Environment

To stop the Development Environment run:

    docker-compose -p OmniaPlatform stop

To start it back again, run:

    docker-compose -p OmniaPlatform start

You can also start the Development Environment by running the “start.ps1” script file that’s in the Development Environment folder.

3. Remove Development Environment

To remove (“uninstall”) the Development Environment from the machine, you must remove the OMNIA Platform containers from your Docker. For that, you simply need to run:

    docker-compose -p OmniaPlatform down --rmi all

This will stop every running container from the OmniaPlatform project and then remove them all, including its images.

NOTE: This command doesn’t remove local storage data.

4. Access to OMNIA Platform Logs

Actions in Application side of the OMNIA Platform log information in the Development Environment. They’re located inside containers, in /var/log/omnia.

To access logs in real time open the Docker Desktop and expand the containers of the OMNIA Platform project. Now click in a container and you’ll be automatically redirected to Logs.