All the information regarding our User Interface assets. Include static visual elements in your applications.

1. Introduction

This feature allows you to add static visual elements to your applications.

Using Assets you can add elements that will improve the User Experience, by showing images and animations to your application.

2. Modeling Assets

How to add a new Asset?

To add a new asset go to the Modeling area, find the User Interface / Assets option on the menu and access it. This will take you to your assets management dashboard.

Now select Add new and fill in the following information:

  • Name: the name of the asset (needs to be unique within the model);
  • Description: the textual explanation of the asset (can be used as development documentation).
  • Asset file: the asset file to upload, limited to image files.

How to edit a Asset?

By accessing User Interface / Assets in the sidebar and selecting one from the list.

You can edit the Description or replace the uploaded Asset file.

3. Assets Usage

Assets are available to be used on modeled Pages. Click here to see more.