All the information regarding the User Interface CSS Styles. Add your own CSS classes to your applications.

1. Introduction

This feature allows you to add your own CSS classes to your applications.

2. Modeling CSS Styles

How to add a new CSS Style?

To add a new CSS Style go to the Modeling area, find the User Interface / CSS Styles option on the menu and access it. This will take you to your CSS Styles management dashboard.

Now select Add new and fill in the following information:

  • Name: the name of the CSS Style (needs to be unique within the model);
  • Description: the textual explanation of the CSS Class purpose (can be used as development documentation);
  • Order: the order that the CSS Styles will be loaded;
  • CSS Classes: the expression containing CSS classes.

How to edit CSS Styles?

By accessing User Interface / CSS Styles in the sidebar and selecting one from the list.

You can edit the Description, change the load order or edit the CSS classes.

3. CSS Classes Usage

CSS Classes can be used on any Page or Page Component, on their classesStyles property.