How to develop locally behaviours executed on Omnia Connector

1. Introduction

Behaviours executed on Omnia Connector can be developed and tested on a local environment.

2. Requisites

  • Omnia Connector must be installed and configured
  • For behaviour code development, Visual Studio 2022 is suggested
  • The local environment where Omnia is running must be accessible from the machine where Omnia connector is installed
  • Omnia-CLI is recommended to import and export model

2. Develop and Debug

  • Download model using Omnia-CLI, as described here
  • Open the project file (.csproj) of the data source whose behaviours will be edited, on the folder Server/Behaviours/External/DataSourceName
  • Start Omnia Connector by opening Omnia.Connector.Windows.exe
  • After changing the behaviours code, use Visual Studio Debug to test your changes
  • When you are happy with your code, sync model changes using Omnia-CLI, as described here