List of features available on OMNIA Platform

1. Modeler

1.1 Entities

  • Model entities of the following types:

    • Agents
    • Resources
    • Generic Entities
    • Commitments
    • Events
    • Documents
    • Series
    • Data Sources
  • Create, Read, Update and Delete entities located on external Datasources
  • Manage Attributes
  • Manage Behaviours
  • Review User Interface

1.2 Attributes

  • Supported attribute types:

    • Reference to other entities
    • Boolean
    • Date
    • Decimal
    • Integer
    • Text
    • Uuid (Universally unique identifier)
    • File (only on entities located on System Datasource)

1.3 Behaviours

It is possible to manage the following types of behaviours:

  • (C#) Application Behaviours that can be used multiple times through the model
  • (C#) Entity Behaviours associated to the entity that can manipulate its data
  • (C#) Entity Data Behaviours that assure entity CRUD when it it based on a non-System Datasource
  • (JavaScript) User Interface Behaviours that allow the user to extend the user interface, by:
    • Conditionally hiding elements
    • Conditionally disabling elements (read-only)
    • Change the size and position
    • Set element values
    • Show custom messages to the end user

1.4 Data Analytics

  • Manage Queries
  • Create Advanced Queries using pgSQL
  • Generate Lists from Queries
  • Manage Lists
  • Manage Dashboards

2. Management

  • Manage tenants
  • Manage Api Clients
  • Manage Connectors
  • Manage Security: Roles, Policies and users

3. Application

  • Work on multiple tenants
  • Manage tenant security: Roles, Policies and Users
  • Create, Read, Update and Delete instances of the model entities

4. Connector

  • Installed and managed as a Windows service
  • Execute modeled behaviours