OMNIA Platform's API error codes list

The following errors may be returned by the operations of the OMNIA Platform’s API.

Error code HTTP status code Error message
BehaviourFailed 400 Behaviour execution failed.
ConnectorBehaviourFailed 400 Behaviour execution failed while running in Connector.
ConnectorNotFound 503 Connector can’t be reached.
ConnectorTimeout 503 Connector didn’t respond in the expected time.
EntityAlreadyExists 409 An entity with the same identifier already exists.
EntityHasBeenChanged 412 The entity isn’t in the expected version.
EntityHasNoSensitiveDataToDestroy 400 Can’t execute the Destroy Sensitive Data operation because there’s no Sensitive attributes.
EntityNotFound 404 Entity can’t be found.
InternalError 500 Internal system error.
InvalidInput 400 Invalid request input data.
TenantNotFound 404 Tenant/Environment can’t be found.
ValidationFailed 400 Request validation failed. This error can have details in the “errors” properties. Error descriptions in the section “Validation Failed - Errors”

Validation Failed - Errors

Error code Error message
CannotBeRemoved Entity can’t be removed.
Duplicated Duplicated element.
InvalidIdentifier Identifier (code or name) with invalid format.
LowerLimitNotRespected Minimal number of elements in collection not respected.
NotFound Entity/Reference cannot be found.
RequiredValue Attribute value is required.
TypeMismatch Attribute value doesn’t match the attribute type.
UpperLimitNotRespected Maximum number of elements in collection not respected.
CreateRootUnsupported Cannot create an instance separately, as it is marked as non-root and must be used in the context of another entity.
CreateSystemDataSourceUnsupported It’s not possible to add records to ‘System’ Data Source.
ValueCannotBeChanged Attribute value cannot be changed.
InvalidModelConfiguration Invalid model definition.
InvalidTenantConfiguration Invalid tenant definition.
TextMaxLengthMismatch Value is too long to the defined length of (defined length).
StateConfigurationNotFound The configuration of the current state was not found.
CommentNotAccepted Comments are not allowed based on the current state configuration.
ForbidToAddToCollectionBasedOnStateMachineConfiguration is not possible to add to collection based on record’s current state configuration.
ForbidToChangeAttributeValueBasedOnStateMachineConfiguration It is not possible to change the value of the attribute based on record’s current state configuration.
ForbidToDeleteFromCollectionBasedOnStateMachineConfiguration It is not possible to remove from collection based on record’s current state configuration.
ForbidToSaveBasedOnStateMachineConfiguration It is not possible to save the record based on its current state configuration.