OMNIA 3 BMLBehaviourDependency


Assembly or Expression loaded to be used on behaviours.


Name Type Aggregation Kind Multiplicity Description
Name Text None 1..1 The name of the entity (unique identifier).
Description Text None 0..1 The textual explanation of the entities’ purpose.
Type BehaviourDependencyType None 1..1 The dependency type.
Version Integer None 0..1 The version of the dependency.
ExecutionLocation ExecutionLocation None 1..1 The location where is loaded.
Path Text None 0..1 The path from where the dependency is loaded.
AssemblyName Text None 0..1 The assembly name of the dependency (when the Type is ‘File’)
Expression Text None 0..1 The C# code that will be executed (when the Type is ‘Expression’).