Query over a given Data Source.


Name Type Aggregation Kind Multiplicity Length Description
Name Text None 1..1 1..32 The name of the entity (unique identifier).
Description Text None 0..1 None The textual explanation of the entities’ purpose.
DataSource Text None 0..1 None The Data Source in which the entities are computed and / or persisted.
Table QueryTable Composite 1..1 None Table to query data. Also used to define the this query is related to the definition stored in this Table.
Joins QueryJoin Composite 0..* None List of the relations with other tables.
Expression Text None 0..1 None Query based on expression. Content of the Advanced Query. When the expression has value, the rest of the Query definition will be ignored.
Columns QueryColumn Composite 0..* None A list of the resultant columns of a Advanced Query execution. It will be ignored on non-Advanced Queries